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What we are

We're throwing a cocktail party!

Imagine a party where you can join hundreds of conversations with people all over the world like Japan, New York, Denmark, and Mexico City. is creating a forum for stimulating conversations about any intellectual topic. We're starting with Tech, Faith, and International topics and expanding constatly to feed your brain!

Join us for conversations about intellectual topics affecting your life.

*Cocktails not provided. :D

At individuals and organizations who are doing purposeful work can host live online conversations with colleagues and intellectually curious viewers. Whether you're on or offline, you can collect donations and sell unique items that only you could offer to your viewers! is a member of the ASU Venture Devils program.

Who we are

Lisa Schaefer, Ph.D.

Geneva Casebolt - University of Arizona
Sierra Conboy - Gettysburg College

User Experience Designers:
Chris Kurian - Arizona State University
Nha Nguyen - Arizona State University
Justin Curry - Duquesne University

Software Engineers:
Prachi Miyan - Arizona State University
Gabe Gulbransen - Arizona State University
Greg Duffley - Arizona State University
Peter Lyssikatos - Regis University
Cody Karunas - University of South Florida
Evan Kuo - University of Arizona

Gianmarco Minin - GoDaddy
Roni Polus - Connexta
AJ Asa - Charles Schwab
Chris Adams
Robert Haas
Jacob Hreshchyshen
Tristan Soto