We are seeking Founding Members for our new YourOnlineMom Board of Directors

Mission: Create a culture where speaking up against sexual harassment is the norm

We are starting the process of forming YourOnlineMom as a nonprofit and seeking Founding Board Members.

Required Qualifications:

- Experience in planning and implementing advocacy strategies and campaigns to support an issue or cause.
- Connected leader in tech or feminist communities who can leverage networks and resources in support of efforts to positively impact the live video tech culture.
- Significant presence in social media, as evidenced by having written well-researched content.

Purpose of the YourOnlineMom Board of Directors:

Carry out the mission of YourOnlineMom by:
- Advocating for what we're doing to combat online sexual harassment via your articles, speaking, social media
- Inviting relevant organizations to join a coalition
- Attend virtual Board meetings, Coalition meetings, and drop in to occasional Online Parent sessions hosted by ThinQ.tv members at least once per month
- Fundraising

Board terms last for three years and board members can serve for up to three consecutive terms.

How to Apply to be on the Board of Directors:

- Drop in to any of the Your Online Mom Conversations by Dr. Lisa Schaefer listed on the ThinQ.tv schedule so we can meet you
- Send resume and cover letter to info@ThinQ.tv. Cover letter must describe your goals or mission for participating on the Board.