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Join me for a Conversation about

Catholic Conversations - Transubstantiation

Hosted by Catholic God

Wednesday, October 16
06:30 PM PDT / 09:30 PM EDT

30 minutes

In honor of my wedding on 10-15-1994, Fr. Mike Fones, the priest who married us at the ASU Newman Center, will continue a conversation he started over 25 years ago that I still have questions about - Transubstantiation. How does the bread turn into Jesus? Why does it work when a priest says the words, but not anyone else? What does substance vs essence mean?

To participate in the Conversation, go to and click the
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Please go to that site in advance to make sure your browser is compatible with your webcam. Recent versions Chrome and Firefox work best. Do not use Safari. If you participate in our Conversation by phone, download the JITSI meet app in advance and join the THINQTV chatroom.