Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THINQ.TV is developing a platform for live online thought-provoking conversations. We are organizing a critical mass of people to participate in Tech Tuesday, Faith Wednesday, and International Thursday conversations. We aim to eventually have 24/7 conversation channels for a wide variety of thought-provoking topics. We encourage you to host conversations about your own topics and invite interested individuals and organizations. is like a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout, except that people can drop in to the conversation from the home page Schedule of Conversations instead of having to be invited with a link. Please browse the current schedule and drop in to any of the conversations posted to get an idea of what you could do on the platform. You may also post your own conversation.


Bible studies - Several churches host their bible studies on We’ve had people join from their hospital room!

Conversations - Conversations on all topics are permitted. We’re fostering a culture of intelligent thought, fellowship, and empathy. We encourage talking with people and listening, rather than the typical norm of internet video where one person talks at people.

Donations - Conversation Hosts, such as churches, can receive donations in the sidebar during and after conversations. Hosts may also sell downloads of ebooks or other writings and other items that they would fulfill.


Go to and click the "Join Conversation" button if a conversation is in progress, or “Try a Conversation” when the chatroom is empty. Recent versions Chrome and Firefox work best. Do not use Safari. You may also join by phone: download the JITSI meet app in advance and join the THINQTV chatroom if prompted. That’s it! If you need to turn camera or mic on or off, click the icons at the bottom of the viewer.


Signup at Click the “Host a Conversation” button on the home page schedule. Enter a time, topic, and a few details. No need to spend time writing out what you’re going to say. Instead, focus on inviting interesting people to join you and let them carry the conversation!


Nothing. We are currently focused on learning how to best serve those who would like to participate on on a regular basis. However if you do receive donations on the platform, we take 5% and the payment processor takes 2.9% + $0.30. is constantly evolving and appreciates any feedback you might have! We hope you will try it out and realize it’s simple to use.

What is a Founding Host?
Founding Hosts are partners in growing viewership. Founding Hosts have opportunity for influence & publicity commensurate with their impact on site growth. They announce their shows to potential viewers and gain exposure to other Hosts' fans.

How is different than Kickstarter or Patreon?
  • Hosting live conversations gets your fans engaged on your page where your Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed.
  • You can sell downloads directly from
  • There are conversations that you can participate in that will inform you about people who are doing great things for society and how you can support them.

  • How is different than Zoom or Google Hangouts?
  • Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed right next to your conversation.
  • There's a schedule of shows on the home page so the public can join your conversation.
  • You can sell downloads directly from

  • How is different than Facebook live?
  • Instead of talking at the internet for a monologue, you have a conversation with other participants.
  • There's a schedule of shows on the home page so other people's friends and fans can browse what conversations are coming up.
  • Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed right next to your conversation.
  • You can sell downloads directly from

  • How is different than Twitch?
  • Silly wabbit, Twitch is for Kids! We expect will be the go-to social platform for the 40+ crowd and highly-educated younger adults.
  • Twitch has great content for gamers. is for intellectual & philanthropic topics.

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