During COVID-19
Can't socialize in person?
Drop in for fellowship on ThinQ.tv!

ThinQ.tv is a platform where people can host live video fellowship online. It’s similar to having a cocktail party on Zoom. Drop in to a conversation and meet interesting people.

ThinQ.tv breaks the paradigm of “talking at” the internet - where one camera broadcasts live video at a social media platform and expects others to passively observe with little interaction. Instead, ThinQ.tv is for “listening to” people. Unlike Zoom, where you have to be invited to observe a conversation, everyone is welcome to participate in ThinQ.tv fellowship hours - like a Meetup.

What You can do:

- Invite people who are shut in - send a link to grandma: http://www.ThinQ.tv/seniorliving
- Bring friends & family into the conversations you join so you can participate together
- Let your networks know about ThinQ.tv Fellowship Hours by sharing on social media

What you might want to talk about:

- News/current events - Books & movies - Play trivia games - Pray with each other


- Drop in to any of the live video YourOnlineMom conversations by Dr. Lisa Schaefer listed on the ThinQ.tv schedule so we can meet you.

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