Become an Online Parent or Big Sibling

Create an online culture where students have responsible adults and peers to talk to

We need responsible adults to be Online Moms, Dads, Big Brothers or Big Sisters for an hour or two per week.

Be a role model to a younger generation to promote a healthy culture of thought-provoking live video conversations.
Become an Online Parent or Sibling and post Conversation times for high school & college students to drop in and be heard.
Have an area of expertise? Be sure to mention it in your Conversation description so students can ask about your career!

Join Us

What Responsible Adults can do:

- Post times on when you'll be at a computer or phone when students can have someone who will listen
- Participate in drafting Bystander Guidelines by attending meetings listed on the home page schedule
- Tell student organizations, churches, schools their teens & college students can drop in to where a responsible adult will listen
- Spread the word via social media

How to become an Online Parent or Sibling:

- Drop in to any of the live video Your Online Mom Conversations by Dr. Lisa Schaefer listed on the schedule so we can meet you
- Send an email with short biography to to nominate yourself or someone you know