Video chat where people making the world a better place can discover a community to support them

ThinQ.TV is a free video chat platform where those interested in the world around them can drop in or host conversations to be there for each other and help each other raise funds for their causes. No need for permission, everyone is welcome to drop in to any of the conversations scheduled on the home page. College students, parents, teachers, and anyone passionate about a cause can stop by throughout the day for networking via video conversations.

Need a community that has your back? is a place to bring your colleagues or classmates for when you just need to take a break and have someone to talk to. Post a Conversation and invite friends!


Discover Others

Find out the good deeds members of the Thinq.TV are working on. No need to wait to be invited. Come introduce yourself!


Share experiences and advice with others instead of talking at them.


Meet virtually with people supportive of your education and projects.

Raise Funds

During a Thinq.TV video chat, your participants can donate or purchase your items for sale to support your cause.

Our Story

Back when Founder, Dr. Lisa Schaefer, lived in Washington, DC, she attended a meeting where Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, spoke. All she could thinQ of during the entire meeting was, "I can come up with something better."

Years earlier, Dr. Schaefer had a vision for multi-location party with hundreds of intellectual conversations to drop in to and discovered live-streaming in its early days. "This changes everything," she thought. Anyone with a computer, webcam, and internet connection can communicate with anyone with anyone else who has an internet connection.

Dr. Schaefer developed her own web platform, embedded video chat, and experimented with talk show formats. Most were awful. People wanted to talk at the internet without listening to others in a dialogue. However the thought-provoking conversations that followed were worth coming back for.

When COVID19 hit, college students and parents gathered on to talk about substantive topics such as feminism and Black Lives Matter. Anyone is welcome to drop in to any conversation to find out what we're up to - come to share ideas, collaborate on learning, and raise money for your education and your causes.

Some of our staff gather to observe the dynamics of our conversations