Bystander Guidelines is a place where speaking up against sexual harassment is the norm

The internet needs a mom. On all other live chat and video sites we researched, creepiness pervades the entire culture. These sites say they are for 18+, but they are marketed to kids. We can do better than that.

The most important role of Online Parents and Siblings is to speak out against misogynistic trolls rather than look the other way like the rest of the internet. When dealing with harassment in live video, thinQ of yourself as a caring parent. Assume that they are good kids (even if they're 50) who are having a bad day and need to be heard and redirected. Make sure harassment victims know you have their back. Otherwise they won't come back and the harassers will continue - the good people leave and we'd be left with a platform of trolls.

Below we created a first cut at examples of the Bystander Guidelines we will develop. As the internet is a constantly evolving entity, so will be the Guidelines. Have something you'd like us to include in the Bystander Guidelines? Let us know: