Dr. Lisa Schaefer speaks about tech in Northern Virginia

Making STEMinism Mainstream

ThinQ.tv founder & software engineer, Dr. Lisa Schaefer, earned her Ph.D. in industrial systems engineering at Arizona State University in 2000 and was a Future Vision innovator & award-winning project manager at a think tank in Washington, DC. She taught at several universities and held leadership positions in several meetups and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Schaefer is the writer/producer of Budget Justified, a true story about #metoo in engineering. She has spoken at many universities, conferences, and cable television shows.

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Speaking Topics

Discover a STEM Community where Women are the Leaders

ThinQ.tv is for women in STEM to be available for each other for advice and support. Leadership is about lifting others to help you lift yourself. Dr. Schaefer will share stories based on her advice column about what women have faced in their careers and how they can overcome obstacles. Let's motivate each other to change the world one Conversation at a time!

Engineering While Female: Women in Tech as a Means of Activism

Women who make it through STEM education into STEM careers often find colleagues that barely tolerate their presence or actively discourage their progress. Having the moxie to continue showing your face can be a pursuit of activism. What has held you back from reaching for goals? We can work together to lead a culture where women's contributions are valued and women value themselves.

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