Join in Activism for causes you believe in via Video Chat

ThinQ.TV is a free platform where people don't just "preach to the choir", but motivate others through small group Conversations. Grassroots movements can empower their members to initiate conversations among each other to brainstorm ways to advance causes they believe in and gather more people who want to make a difference.

Drop In to mentor, learn, and collaborate. Meet fellow activists!

Our Mission

Empower you to discover conversations with fellow activists about topics important to you. Change the world one Conversation at a time.



Movements can empower their people to organize and motivate people for the movement. Don't wait for the leadership to call you together - initiate a Conversation yourself!


Meet passionate people who have interesting ideas to share & collaborate on.


Share ideas and get feedback with others instead of talking at them.


Don’t wait for local organization leadership to invite you to meet. Meet virtually with motivated people from around the world at any time! Look at our Conversation and Drop-In schedules.

Our Story

Back when Founder & Software Engineer, Dr. Lisa Schaefer, lived in Washington, DC, she attended a meeting where Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, spoke. All she could thinQ of during the entire meeting was, "I can come up with something better."

Years earlier, Dr. Schaefer had a vision for multi-location book party and discovered live-streaming in its early days. "This changes everything," she thought. Anyone with a computer, webcam, and internet connection can communicate with anyone with anyone else who has an internet connection.

Dr. Schaefer developed her own web platform, embedded video chat, and experimented with talk show formats. Most were awful. People wanted to talk at the internet without listening to others in a dialogue. However the impromptu conversations that followed were worth coming back for.

In July 2019 Dr. Schaefer decided to call the platform She researched video chat apps marketed to teens and young adults and was appalled by the inappropriate and sexual behavior; she wanted to create a platform where this behavior was unacceptable and intellectual conversations were celebrated. When COVID19 hit, more people gathered on to talk about substantive topics. Dr. Schaefer gathered college students interested in outreach & tech to host conversations every evening about Women in Tech, Black Lives Matter, and national news.

Since everyone was geographically dispersed & working from home, Dr. Schaefer asked the students to work in chatrooms on It became our office and now we have people in our chatrooms 10 - 14 hours per day. Drop In to share ideas and collaborate on activism.

Dr. Schaefer's brand of activism is Engineering While Female. "Just showing up in spite of the harassment and the assumption that I don't belong here is an act of defiance. If my face goes away, so does my voice. Which leaves a vacuum of leadership for the upcoming generation of women who will follow."

Some of our staff playing internet trivia on