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Remote team members will be required to work while their video viewer is open, on a schedule of their choosing.
- You will have daily access to the Scottsdale based team via video chat and Discord.

Interns are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week and are eligible receive course credit if they clear it through their university department.

We have 3 types of roles:

This is the most important role at It is your opportunity to be on the ground floor of a movement to promote Women in STEM as a form of Activism. Seeking reliable self-motivated people to spread brand awareness and promote internet sales for products that spread awareness for Female + STEM = Activism.

Learning Outcomes: - Branding, target market
- Effective social media messaging vs. throwing misc. stuff at the internet
- Teamwork with remote colleagues

Responsibilities: - Post 10 hours per week when you will be at a computer to work in our video chat virtual office
- Create Thinq.TV-branded social media content, Kickstarter campaign about our products
- Help determine which products and messaging resonates best with target market
- Sell Female + STEM = Activism on Thinq.TV's Etsy, Instagram, Kickstarter, etc.

Qualifications: - Demonstrated an ability to accomplish goals through previous academic, volunteer, or work experience
- Excellent conversational and writing skills

Seeking reliable, self-motivated engineers who are passionate about creating small electronic devices. We will build 2 - 3 different configurations of tiny video players from scratch using Pi Zero and analyze the advantages/disadvantages of each configurations. We will design a casing from scratch and use a 3-D printer to build/manufacture the casing for the best configurations. Interns will be responsible for building and documenting their own device configurations. Sharing of information and processes among team members is expected. This internship will only be offered to the most highly motivated and qualified candidates.

Learning Outcomes: - Creation of an electronic device from idea to finished consumer product
- Technical communication for the general public
- Thorough assembly process documentation
- Product testing

Responsibilities: - Interns will research and select which screens, batteries, and possibly ports or memory to purchase and connect to a Pi Zero. Interns will write efficient software to run the devices.
- Interns will test and statistically analyze the expected number of hours of battery life for each device/software configuration and battery type. Interns will write documentation for the process to build their device.
- Each intern will submit instructions every week documenting how to build an exact replica of the current state of their device. Dr. Schaefer will follow these instructions on her own devices and request that you address gaps in your documentation.

Qualifications: - Minimum: Demonstrated an ability to accomplish technical goals through previous academic, volunteer, or work experience.
- Preferred: Experience in creating devices with Raspberry Pi

Seeking interns and designers who are passionate about promoting Women in STEM as a form of Activism.

Learning Outcomes:
- Customer experience surveys and observation
- Real-world experience at a tech startup

- Post 10 hours per week, 1 week in advance, when you will be at a computer with a browser window open and your camera on to the live video viewer to co-work with other college students
- Solicit feedback from potential customers to understand their perceptions of
- Improve product design and messaging based on user feedback
- Minimum: Demonstrated an ability to accomplish goals through previous academic, volunteer, or work experience.
- Preferred: Familiarity with customer surveys, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, graphics software.